About Us

EcoWise El Paso was founded to transition the administration of the Environmental Summit from the TCEQ to a non-profit organization.

History and Successes of the El Paso Environmental Summit

The very 1st Environmental Summit was held in 2000, hosted by the Senator Eliot Shapleigh, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the El Paso Cointy Attorney’s Office. With a mere 100 attendees, we identified several environmental issues affecting El Paso. “Champions” were then selected to work with groups to find potential solutions to these issues.

12 years later the Environmental Summit is strong, attracting over 400 attendees annually, addressing new issues and showcasing environmental pride of individuals, groups, businesses and schools.

Successes have resulted from the Summits, to include:

  • Five (5) Citizen Collection Centers throughout El Paso
  • The creation of the 1st Environmental Court in the State of Texas, with a dedicated environmental prosecutor and judge
  • 1st ever Liquid Waste ordinance, Rule 15, which is now part of El Paso Water Utility’s Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG) program
  • Have participated with other organizations and agencies in numerous community clean ups and tire amnesty days
  • Created a community awareness campaign to educated residents on how to report an environmental crime.
  • Summit has now evolved into it’s own new non-profit, EcoWise El Paso

This year’s Summit will be supported again by the TCEQ, El Paso County Attorney’s Office, as well as Senator Jose Rodriguez and other elected officials.